About Us

In 2017, I decided to start making Melt and Pour soap as a more natural alternative for my family to use. My family all have different skin issues so I decided to do more research into these conditions and learned how to make soap from scratch with ingredients that would help with these skin problems. For me it was acne and for my sister it was contact dermatitis. This began as a slight interest, developed into a hobby, and blossomed into a full blown business! After a lot of research, trial and error, and a few years I developed a full product line including Cold Process Soap, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, Bath Dough, Shaving Soap, Lip Butter, Massage Bars, and much more!

Sophie's Soaps aims to keep Cruelty Free Cosmetics simple. Attractive products, clear labelling, high quality ingredients. (Mostly) Vegan means suitable for everyone, so you can rest assured your beauty and skincare choices are compassionate, ethical and cruelty free.

Our cosmetic products are Handmade in Ireland to the highest standards, certified by leading Chartered Chemists.

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