Which Shampoo Bars Are Best for Your Hair?

Which Shampoo Bars Are Best for Your Hair?

Which Shampoo Bars are best?

Solid shampoo bars can help you cut down on plastic packaging waste.

Every year, 520 million shampoo bottles are discarded in Ireland. It may not be possible to completely stop our haircare rituals, but switching to a shampoo bar made without plastic packaging is one approach to lessen plastic packaging waste while still maintaining clean, soft, and lustrous hair.

A shampoo bar is a more concentrated product than ordinary shampoo, which is typically composed of 75 to 80% water; you add the water when using it in the bath or shower. This concentration can improve the efficiency of the product's transportation as well as reduce the amount of packaging required.

Shampoo bars are designed to be less stripping than traditional soap, yet they still provide the foaming lather we're all familiar with.

If you have Curly/Wavy Hair I would recommend using:

 Which shampoo bar is best

If you have Oily Hair I would recommend using

Which Shampoo Bar is best?

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